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Develop Great
People Managers

Manager360 is the world’s first software platform dedicated to building world-class people managers throughout your organization.

Our Mission

To make great managers your company’s competitive advantage.

Manager360 for Microsoft Teams

Manager360 is fully integrated with your existing Microsoft suite and simplifies core management activities in one place. In Manager360, managers can:

Master People Management

Manager360 includes a rich library of on-demand content to upskill any supervisor. In Manager360, managers can:

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Free Employee Retention Guide

This practical guide from Manager360 presents five employee-retention tactics HR leaders can use immediately.

Did You Know…

“Managers — more than any other factor — influence team engagement and performance. That’s not an exaggeration: 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager.”


Joel Trammell

For over 30 years, Joel has served as CEO of companies ranging from startups he founded and built to nine-figure exits to public companies with $1B+ revenues. He has trained hundreds of managers and executive leadership teams in achieving peak operational performance. He co-founded Manager360 in 2020. As a world-renowned thought leader in business performance and executive leadership, Joel has authored The CEO Tightrope, The Manager’s Playbook, and The Chief Executive Operating System. He owns Texas CEO Magazine and contributes to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and many other publications.

Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander is the CEO of Manager360. Rob previously served as an Account Executive at a London-based talent-management platform, Beamery. Prior to that, he held several different sales roles at enterprise experience platform Medallia from 2016 to 2022, including during the company’s successful IPO in 2019. A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Alexander retired as Major after about eight years of service. Rob was awarded three Air Force Commendation Medals during his time in the military. At the Air Force Academy, he was the Captain of their Division 1 tennis team playing #1 singles and doubles. He was also a North Carolina native and has lived in Austin for the past seven years.

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