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Upskill Your Management Team

The research is clear: competence in leadership and management makes a team more productive, more engaged, and more profitable. Top companies rely on Manager360 to ensure that their leaders are the best of the best.

Our flagship Manager360 Leadership System, delivered over 2 days, is customized to your company and equips your team with skills, tools, and a proven playbook for leading a team to success.

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The Manager360 Leadership System was developed based on decades of our trainers’ experience at Fortune 500s and startups alike. Within the framework, topics are customized to meet the needs of your team or organization:

Self-Awareness. Understand your leadership and management style, how you are perceived, and how this affects the individuals you manage.

Motivation & Accountability. Learn how to make changes to the work environment and your leadership and management style based on leading research on motivation in the workplace. And learn how to ensure that people are working on the right things—without resorting to micromanagement.

Business Metrics/Goals. Develop a set of specific, inspiring, and purposeful success metrics and goals to drive and focus your team.

1-on-1sWeekly Team Meetings & Performance Reviews. Gain templates, tips, and best practices for running productive 1-on-1s, weekly team meetings, and performance reviews—each a key touchpoint in ongoing performance.

Hiring & Recruiting. Attendees will learn how to attract talent (rather than just filling empty seats) and how to apply strong interview and character assessment techniques during the hiring and recruiting process.


Training can be delivered in at your office or at Texas CEO Ranch, 30 minutes southeast of Austin. Texas CEO Ranch can accommodate overnight stays and offers a relaxing environment and activities like fishing, trails, electric biking, ping-pong, cornhole, and giant Jenga.

The Full Manager360 Leadership System Training. In this 2-day training, attendees learn the full Manager360 Leadership System, plus related tools and templates needed to be an exceptional leader and manager. We’ll learn about your team’s unique circumstances before the session, then customize the training to best fit your team’s situation.

Manager360 Leadership System Workbook. Attendees receive a copy of our 75-page workbook, containing a complete description of the Manager360 Leadership System, plus suggested reflection questions and activities for your team once they return to the office.

Lunch and refreshments (if in-person). Breakfast, coffee, and lunch are provided.

Leader Development Roadmap + 1-Hour Follow-Up Session. In the initial workshop, we will help each attendee build a 6-week roadmap for growing their leadership and management skills. Your Manager360 trainer follows up weekly with encouragement and tips over those 6 weeks, then schedules a 1-hour follow-up session to hear about attendees’ progress and coach on any specific issues or questions that have come up.

1-on-1 Meeting CardsManager360’s 1-on-1 Meeting Cards. All attendees get their own deck of cards—only instead of kings, queens, and jacks, each card has a question that we have found particularly productive in 1-on-1 sessions with employees.

Lifelong Manager360 Certification. Upon completion of the Manager360 Certification Exam, each attendee will be designated as a Manager360 Certified Leader and will receive a certificate of completion to display in their office or on their LinkedIn profile.

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