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Our Mission

At Manager360, we believe that great people managers are an organization’s best competitive advantage. And that managers—the “boss” so many of us gripe about—get a bad rap.

We want to change that. 

The reason we all have “bad manager” stories comes down to the fact that few people receive training and tools for becoming great managers. So many of us are thrown into a management role because we were great in a previous job—but we weren’t taught how to manage, lead, and coach people to full engagement and productivity. 

Yet these people-management skills are vital. And not just for company success, but for the ripple effect they have on people’s lives. We spend most of our waking hours at work, and management skills can make the difference between those hours being a long, dispiriting slog or a fulfilling path toward growth and development.

Our mission is to train and empower managers at all levels through our interactive, expert-developed certification program—and to equip organizations with game-changing managerial talent.

Can we help you with training or recruiting? Got a question or idea? We want to hear from you: