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Set Up Your Profile, Create Your User Manual & Invite Your Team

This week, we’re going to

  1. set up your profile in MGR360,
  2. create your User Manual, and then
  3. invite the rest of your team to the app (so they can then set up their own profiles and User Manuals).

The end result of this activity will be a central hub for the manager, where you have all the vital information about your team at your fingertips. From here, you can also initiate communication with any team member through a variety of channels, with a single click.

Profiles in MGR360 hold rich data that helps you lead, manage, and coach each employee effectively. You’ll see the results of strengths and personality assessments (such as DISC, MBTI, and CliftonStrengths), the employee’s key responsibilities, and their special skills and certifications. You’ll also have access to the employee’s User Manual, which shows you the employee’s quirks, preferences, and perceived strengths. All of this is highly valuable as you assign work, deliver feedback, coach individual employees, and foster cross-team collaboration.

And of course, your employees will also have access to this information about you, and each other.

Let’s get it set up now!


Important things to note:

  • A team member can only be a part of one team
  • Only people with an organizational email account can be added to the team (no external team members)
  • If you are accessing via the browser be sure to enable pop-ups

If you run into any problems during this week and need assistance, please email

Watch the video below, or see text instructions further down the page.

Once you are done, please submit feedback here.


Setting up your Profile

When you login to MGR360, you’ll select Settings from the menu in the dashboard and navigate to UserProfile. Here you will select Edit Profile.

You will enter any missing data, including key training/certifications/education that you’d like to track:

Once complete you’ll select Save.

Creating Your User Manual

You’ll navigate from the Profile tab to the Manual tab in Settings so that you can select Edit to create your User Manual.

Once in edit mode, you’ll answer the questions as well as other information you want visible to your team and save.

This will complete your profile. Once you’ve added team members (the next step), they’ll follow this same process to create their profiles and User Manuals.

Adding Team Members

To add your team members, you’ll navigate to the My Team menu option on the top navigation bar.

From here, you’ll select New Member, which will open window on the right-hand side of the screen. You will enter in your team members, select them from the list and then select Save:

Once saved, they will be added to your team list. Now they will be able to create their profiles and User Manuals as well.

Viewing Individual Profiles

Once everyone has been added, the My Team page becomes your hub for interacting with your team: When you click on the team member you can see their profile:

Their User Manual:

Their goals & meetings:

A super easy way to keep your finger on the pulse of everyone on the team without having cobble together spreadsheets, documents, and sticky notes.

Quick Access

The quick access buttons enable you to easily invoke Teams communication, send an email or meeting request, or jump to goals:

If you need to take action with multiple team members, you can select the checkboxes and invoke the quick access icon:

Now you’ve completed setting up your team and have a centralized hub for all team members!

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