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Subscribe and add the app

This week, we’re going to get you set up with the MGR360 app. 

First, why did we create this app at all? Our intention is to equip managers with a lightweight but powerful tool for aligning and communicating with their team. You definitely don’t need an app to be an exceptional manager—but using a tool like MGR360 to keep track of everything in once place is invaluable for ensuring that you are fulfilling your key duties.

Important things to note:

  • If you do not have Microsoft Administrator rights, you will need to request that IT (or someone who has Microsoft administrator rights) add the MGR360 app to Teams first so they can provide consent for the organization to use MGR360.
  • Only managers can subscribe to MGR360 at this time.
  • Employees must be added by their managers.
  • The app can be added via the Teams desktop client or web browser.

If you run into any problems during this week and need assistance please email


Prefer video? Watch a walkthrough here.

Consent & Authorization

First, a user with Microsoft administrator rights will need to add MGR360 to Teams.

Once the app is selected and “Add” is clicked, the user will be requested to review the list of permissions and then select “Consent on behalf of your organization”:

If you select “Add” and don’t have administrator permissions, you will receive this message. You will not be able to add MGR360 until an administrator grants consent.

Once consent is granted, you can add the app. You will then see the following screen, with the opportunity to enter your beta key: BC37380F-29D2-4F05-9D18-CDF212DCDC81

You will enter in the information below:

Select Save:

And will be granted entry to the app:

Congrats! You have passed the first milestone. You’ll be already for next week’s activity.

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